Friday, November 21, 2014

The Project Glocal Experience

Sounds like a band name. But we really just rock! 

What is it like to mount a project that gathers multiple international artists to participate in lightning residencies creating site-specific art in towns and cities and spanning several years and themes? 

It's definitely not an easy task, but Project Glocal's various iterations prove that it's possible and doable.Listen in on the conversation as Marika Constantino, Fiona Lee and Joey Berenguer share their Project Glocal experience from their own different vantage points. Marika is this year's Project Glocal manager; Fiona is a Hongkong artist participating in Transi(en)t Manila; and Joey Berenguer is the host for Juan Luna Building in Escolta, which is one of the activated spaces in Transi(en)t Manila.

To amplify the experience, the documentation of Transi(en)t Taipei and Penang editions will be screened at 4PM. 

Join them on 22 November, Saturday. The talk starts at 3PM. Screening will be at 4PM. All at the Juan Luna Building. 

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