Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sunday Holiday Prep Day

Curator Dayang Yraola, Yukie Mitomi and artist Umeda Tetsuya at 98B. 
Project Glocal people are so excited for the upcoming Transi(en)t Manila installment that we met up on a holiday weekend to start the preparations.

Of course, no meeting is complete without a hearty lunch. Thanks, Yukie! 

Umeda Tetsuya adds his doodle on the artists' wall at 98B. 

Then we trekked over to 98B to iron out the details of participating artist Umeda Tetsuya's residency.

Meanwhile, Anjo and Marika headed out to take photos of Project Glocal's very lucky cat and her two robot suitors.

Just another day at Project Glocal!

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