Monday, November 24, 2014

Preview: IC Jaucian's robot drone for Transi(en)t Manila

Here's a little preview of Philippine artist Ian Carlo Jaucian's work in progress for Transi(en)t Manila. Behold the robot drone! 

The "Gait Creeper" is a cellphone controlled crab drone. IC describes his project as a "4-legged walker. can be remote-controlled by any Android phone with the free mobile app Ardudroid (free from Play Store). Connects via bluetooth. Uses a Gizduino (Arduino clone) microcontroller and a sh**tload of batteries. Various movements/gaits possible in 2 axes. 
Next week, GAIT CREEPER will evolve into LASER CRABBER, a larger quadruped with improved walking ability and equipped with a burning laser, capable of various deeds such as laser-etched graffiti, arson and DIY cataract removals."

IC Jaucian will also be at the College of Saint Benilde's School of Design and Arts on 27 November, at 10:30AM to 12 noon. 

His drone project will be open to the public starting at 10AM, with a curator's walk through at 2PM on 29 November at the Calvo Building in Escolta. 

This project is a part of Transi(en)t Manila in Escolta, the final installment of Project Glocal, hosted by 98B COLLABoratory. 

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