Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Artist Talk x Kok Yoong Lim: Humans and Digital Footprints

Kok Yoong Lim shows still captures from Super Corridor,
where footprints were recorded at 3AM, when nobody was physically there.

Malaysian artist Kok Yoong Lim delivered his artist's talk last September 12 at 98B COLLABoratory.

Wing explores the relationship of new technologies and human existence, specifically how these technological developments affects how we express our identities.

It was a full house at 98B. 

"When You Are Not Your Body" explored the disembodied culture of chat and e-mail. Wing placed a camera that takes pictures of those which view it. Using a digital video feed, the viewer is then forced to see him or herself as an "other." The viewer is there in the gallery and yet elsewhere. The result is both disconcerting yet comforted by the familiar in a strange space.

Meanwhile, in "Super Corridor," the artist takes a space that is usually ignored: the common hallway where everyone passes and yet barely pays any mind or attention to it. Wing's camera captures the moment in time when a person walks on that corridor and preserves and reinforces that person's presences in a very specific time and space.

Dayang Yraola and Kok Yoong Lim

As existence and the meaning of life are his art's central themes, Wing will continue to work with technology and how everyone's experience of life is mediated and/or drastically altered by cyberspace and other contemporary phenomena related to digital existence.

Wing with the student interns, Marika Constantino of 98B and Dayang Yraola of Project Glocal

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Artist Talk: Kok Yoong Lim

Project Glocal Manila is proud to present Kok Yoong Lim from Malaysia as the fifth artist to give a talk this year at 98B. 

Kok Yoong Lim works with new technologies to explore and investigate the human dimension of technological development and discourse. Most of his works take the form of (interactive) installation. He is currently lecturing at the Global School of Media in Soongsil University, Korea. 

The talk will happen in 98B's Collaboratory on September 12, Friday, at 3PM. Admission is free.