Tuesday, June 10, 2014

RePORTS x Dayang Yraola & Mannet Villariba

RePORTS poster by 98B

Last May 8, curator Dayang Yraola and artist Mannet Villariba gathered the friends and supporters of Project Glocal at 98B's Archive Room at the First United Building and gave a talk that provided insight as to what's in store for Project this year. 

Project Glocal has been engaging artists to experiment on different production platforms, conditions and circumstances since its inception in 2011. Art is dynamic and collaborative, as proven by what Project Glocal and its artists have come up with starting with its 2012 incarnation. 

Mannet Villariba, Yukie Mitomi, Abigail Lee Tin
and Marika Constantino are all listening to Dayang's report. 
As Dayang Yraola asserted in her RePORT: "Art is a creative decision (individually or collectively) manifested in a product, an act or combination of both with the purpose of exciting those observing or taking part." This dynamic also allows for the artists to expand not just their awareness of their city of origin or art practice, but to cross borders and interact with other artists in other nations. Artists worked with what they found and inspired them on site in the cities they visited. 

With this year's program called "Transi(en)t," Project Glocal continues the conversation by bringing artists from Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, HongKong, Thailand, the Philippines and Japan to Taipei, Penang and Manila. In these three cities, the artists will explore art+technology, heritage and people in lightning or nomad residencies, collaborative production and non-museum/gallery exhibition/presentation. 

Manet showing a video clip of his work for Transi(en)t Taipei

Manet shares his experience in Taipei to a full house at 98B's Archive Room
For his part, Mannet Villariba shares his experience in Transi(en)t Taipei. He showed videos of his performance installation piece in which he worked with sound projection and a rotating stage stacked with newspapers. 

Dayang also shared the plans for this year's Manila Transi(en)t, wherein artists will work with and in heritage buildings in the Escolta and Intramuros area. There will also be a book that will document the Project Glocal over its multi-year and multi-explorations. But more than the production of art, Dayang is most proud that Project Glocal was able was able to build a communicty and network of artists, and hopes to sustain that environment well after Project Glocal concludes this year. 

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